The Futuristic Concept And Modern Style Of Daihatsu Xenia

Daihatsu does have various types of modest cars with various designs. One of the advantages of this car manufacturer is the Daihatsu Xenia. This car is made with a futuristic concept and carries a modern and unique style. This is evident in the outer sector body. Especially for the latest release, it uses the latest bumper which is much more modern and tough. The bumper (deluxe type) uses a design with a combination of Black Matte Aero-kit so that it looks more dynamic. For the R-Dark gray type, it is equipped with a wide grille so that it will create a luxurious impression. The lamp section is designed to have a narrow and slender shape and uses energy-efficient yet stylish LED technology. The exterior has several changes that are getting better and gives off a modern and stylish impression. The dashboard has a Black Full Flat Center Cluster concept and a 2 DIN Touch screen head unit. The touch screen is also equipped with various entertainment features such as MP3 Player, USB, Radio,

Porsche 911 Carrera and Carrera S

More power from a Porsche is not a new story. But more power and better fuel consumption is, and that is what we have in the latest Porsche 911 Carrera and Carrera S. Direct injection boosts power and economy Porsche has followed the trend in adopting direct fuel injection for the 3.6 and 3.8 liter engines in all 911s. The result is that power is increased by 20 bhp to 345 bhp on the 3.6 liter unit. Output of the 911 Carrera S 3.8 liter power unit is up by 30 bhp to 385 bhp over 100 bhp per liter. With this extra power, the Carrera S Coupe now has a top speed of 188 mph. The advantages of direct injection are that: The fuel is injected directly where it burns best in the combustion chamber; The air is largely un throttled, so more can get into the cylinders; Because the fuel is cooler when it enters the chamber, and can be burnt more efficiently, a higher compression ration can be used. Higher compression ratio raises efficiency The compression ratio of both new engines is 12.5:1 unthi

The Function of PCV Valves

The term PCV valve stands for positive crankcase ventilation. A PCV is a plain spring-loaded valve with a sliding pintle within it that increases or decreases airflow. Pollution Technology Plainly speaking, a PCV valve is a technological advancement that plays a critical role in reducing automobile emissions. Other parts that help reduce emissions include the catalytic converter, additives placed in gasoline and oxygen sensors, to name just a few. The job of the PCV valve is to sends fumes from the engine’s crankcase back into the combustion chamber where these gases are burned. PCVs first appeared in cars in California in 1961 and, later, began to appear in all cars nationwide by the late 1960s.  PCV Benefits One of the most important benefits of PCV valves is its positive affect on the environment. Specifically, crankcase emissions are eliminated, one of the more significant contributors to air pollution. Fuel mileage is also improved as partly burned gases are harnessed and sent bac

Are You Ready for the Hybrid Supercar?

It is difficult not to be impressed by the design of the BMW i8 hybrid supercar. This is a vehicle that combines the best of both worlds. You have a fantastic looking vehicle that will command the road and reduced emissions for those of you out there who want to reduce your impact on the environment. There is a plug in electric motor and a 1.5 litre petrol engine. The purpose of this supercar is to offer you a high performance vehicle that will have excellent fuel economy and lower emissions; it’s a pretty sweet ride! When Will You Be Able to Get Your Hands on the i8 The i8 is expected to hit the market towards the end of 2013; however there are no official details regarding the release date as yet.  You can also expect to see the BMW i8 Spider appear on the market sometime in 2014. The cost of the i8 is also still up in the air as there has been no official word from the company. However, it is expected to be around the same price range as the Audi R8, so expect a figure standing arou

Honda Odyssey Market Segments Target

Honda Prospect Motor launched its newest model, the New Honda Odyssey in Jakarta, Thursday 1 March 2018. The 5th generation Honda Odyssey comes with new designs on the front bumper, front grille and 17-inch wheels. This car is also equipped with a new LED Fog Lamp and Lower Front Garnish. In increasing visibility, this latest series also uses zang LED Projector Headlights which are equipped with LED Day Time Running Lights for maximum lighting.  Since entering the Indonesian market for the first time, the Honda New Odyssey is claimed to have received a lot of appreciation and has created its own consumer class, with sales reaching more than 3,800 units. Seeing that, we provide added value and meet consumer needs, so we refresh this car with the addition of several new features to maximize driver and passenger comfort.  This car targets families and is the only market in big cities. This car is intended for adult families in big cities. Because it is a niche market segment, for upgrader