Are You Ready for the Hybrid Supercar?

It is difficult not to be impressed by the design of the BMW i8 hybrid supercar. This is a vehicle that combines the best of both worlds. You have a fantastic looking vehicle that will command the road and reduced emissions for those of you out there who want to reduce your impact on the environment. There is a plug in electric motor and a 1.5 litre petrol engine. The purpose of this supercar is to offer you a high performance vehicle that will have excellent fuel economy and lower emissions; it’s a pretty sweet ride!

When Will You Be Able to Get Your Hands on the i8

The i8 is expected to hit the market towards the end of 2013; however there are no official details regarding the release date as yet.  You can also expect to see the BMW i8 Spider appear on the market sometime in 2014. The cost of the i8 is also still up in the air as there has been no official word from the company. However, it is expected to be around the same price range as the Audi R8, so expect a figure standing around the one hundred thousand pound mark.

What About the Specs?

The fuel economy of the i8 is an impressive 113 mpg and the emissions stand at around 59 g/km CO2. The electric motor has 129 bhp and the energy it generates is directed towards the front wheels. 

The petrol motor is reasonable for powering the rear wheels with 228 bhp, driven by the 1.5 litre turbo engine. While this may not sound as impressive as traditional supercars on the market the lightweight construction of the car means that it is able to reach 62 mph within 4.4 seconds and there’s a top speed of 155 mph.

The Future of Electric Cars

If you’re not interested in a hybrid model, you can always opt for a BMW electric car that will be found in the brand new i range. The brand is going to be further developed alongside the rest of the company’s diesel and petrol cars. It is thought that the new technology that is discovered and pushed through this range will also reach down into other ranges. So, there is a chance that pretty soon BMW will create a saloon car, or even an electric model of the X5 SUV.

There is excitement surrounding the BMW i3, the first of the all-electric cars that are being produced by BMW. This is a car that would be fantastic for anyone living in the city or out in the suburbs. It is small yet has a great viewing platform offering your mobility, the ability to duck and dive around the busy streets and find car parking spaces that other cars simply won’t be able to fit into. It is quiet yet fast and the design is something that cannot be scoffed at. 

This is an electric car to be proud of and the use of the BMW Connected Drive technology means it’s easier than ever to reach your destination.